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Remote/Telehealth Psychotherapist in Private Practice

Therapeutic Tseng LLC is seeking a remote/telehealth psychotherapist to work in a private practice setting. The psychotherapist will be a W2 employee paid on a bimonthly pay schedule. This is an hourly position. Pay structure: $20/hr for clinical administrative work. $50-$113/ hr for direct clinical work depending on licensure status, size of caseload, and payor source.

About the Practice

Therapeutic Tseng LLC is a minority and women-owned business. Therapeutic Tseng LLC aims to increase access to mental health services not only for the BIPOC population, but to any person who has felt marginalized (ie: LGBTQIA+ population, adult industry professionals, those impacted by post-cult trauma or religious trauma). Therapeutic Tseng LLC’s commitment to its clinicians is to foster confidence in their clinical skills and vision, support them in cultivating their own unique self-of-therapist, and ensuring a workplace where they feel safe and secure to be a non-conforming, innovative, and revolutionary clinician.

Looking for

Therapeutic Tseng LLC seeks to hire passionate and brave clinicians whose passion is to help their ideal clients obtain freedom from systemic conditioning and gain the tools to live their full personhood. We welcome the various clinical backgrounds, specialties, or life experiences that clinicians may have that enrich their clinical work. This role is a great fit for those who want to develop their own unique clinical skills and therapeutic identity and those who also desire autonomy and flexibility to craft their schedule (and hence work-life balance) in a manner that empowers and sustains them.




How to Apply

Please submit a resume to and a cover letter that answers these two questions:

  1. What is your therapeutic passion? This could be clinical interests, specialties or populations, or the way you influence change.
  2. What themes, experiences, or facts-of-life have made you into the therapist that you are today?

Contact Us

Reach out to Therapeutic Tseng to schedule a session, ask questions, or just connect. We'll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.