Christina Tseng, LCMFT

Christina Tseng, LCMFT

I am currently not available to work with new psychotherapy clients. Returning clients are welcome to get back in contact with me for psychotherapy. If you'd like to work with me, I am available for Astro Counseling sessions. Astro Counseling combines the wisdom of all my accumulated psychotherapy training and experience with the spiritual accuracy of Astrology. My astrological work draws from two styles, Hellenistic Astrology and Huber Astrology. I am currently a Huber student under the tutelage of Mark Douglas. I'm generally pretty good with using my psychological background to understand and facilitate growth for my clients, however the level of depth and feeling of "being heard" is significantly stronger with the use of Huber Astrology. I use Hellenistic Astrology to ground the goals of my clients to align with the timelines seen in their birth chart.

How often should you come for Astro Counseling? As infrequently as you like and no more than on a monthly frequency. Monthly, 3 months or 6 months are good cadences to meet with me.

Hi there! I’m a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Maryland and the District of Columbia. My goal is to help you bring about lasting changes that will make you happy. What makes you (specifically you) happy could take many different forms. You may want to improve your relationship with your romantic partner, your relationship with your family, or even your relationship with yourself. I take a good hard look at the foundations of these relationships and walk you through ways to strengthen these relationships and create space for greater authenticity in those areas of your life.


I earned my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Iona College and my Bachelors degree in Family Science from The University of Maryland College Park. I completed Level 1 and 2 of Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. I have completed the course Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals by Dr. Leslie Korn.

I speak English fluently, Mandarin Chinese in working proficiency, and Spanish in working proficiency.

My Therapeutic Work is

    • Culturally Competent
    • Anti-Racist
    • Feminist
    • Welcoming of LGBTQIA+ folx
    • Kink-positive and polyamory-affirmative
    • Integrative with Indigenous (for me, that’s East Asian) spiritual thought and practice
    • Supportive and Collaborative with the concept of Integrative Health (such as Food is Medicine)

Specialties & Competencies

    • Specialized in the Asian American experience, identity, and healing see more
    • Specialized in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & Persons of Color) and immigrant experience and healing by empowering clients through knowledge of racial, cultural, financial, and power systems
    • Lived experience as a Highly Sensitive Person and competency in healing those who identify as neurodivergent
    • Experience and competency working with adult industry professionals to increase self-esteem, restore positive power hierarchies, and thrive in their chosen profession
    • Focused on the empowerment and liberation of all through reconnecting clients with their authentic voice and facilitating client’s actualization of their authentic wants, feelings, and desires

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