Black Healing Experience

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Written by Journey Taylor, LGPC. PS. If you are not Black American, but belong to a minority group (ie: immigrant or children of immigrants, person of color, female, marginalized), our work can be effective for you too.

Blackness in itself is wildly diverse, much like its people. This even shows up in the ways that we navigate our mental health issues and experiences. However, there are several themes that we can all relate to; experiences that make us feel like we have all somehow lived the same lives.

Black people have such a long history of trauma and pain that it has almost become impossible to escape even now. The media is riddled with images of violence, highlighting the harsh realities of what it means to be Black. What it fails to capture are the social structures that allow us to persevere against systemic racism and oppression. We are taught to work twice as hard so we can be twice as good as our non-Black counterparts. We do this in the hopes that we will somehow escape the constraints placed on by society and bias forged from stereotypes.

But, as time passes and we realize how far we have come from our ancestors’ realities, we acknowledge just how powerful we are, and the influence our culture has on the world. We truly are the blueprint for it all; fashion, media, talent, but this of course comes with a hefty price tag. We find ourselves constantly pushing ourselves to exhaustion as we strive for excellence, unable to allow ourselves to just be human.

Couple this with our centuries-long fight for equality from the Civil Rights Movement to the current Black Lives Matter era. We are tired: people who have suffered from splintered families, burnout, and lost sense of self. Black people are taught early on that our problems are our and are only to be solved through quiet suffering that we minimally share with those close to us.

We have created a culture that avoids all healthcare; despite our knowledge of the generational trauma cycles we have inherited. We say to ourselves that we don’t have time, that it's not for us.

We are here to tell you that there is always time for you. During our work together we will process through the intergenerational traumas that have been passed down from our ancestors. We will handle ourselves with care and revel in the power that we can do so. We will love our inner child and forgive ourselves for choices we made when we were just trying to survive. The time is here, being your season of You. Request Samantha or Journey to start your healing process.

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