A consultation with a therapist allows you to have a chance to speak with them in person and get a feel for their personality and vibe.

Before your consultation, it’s ideal to make sure they accept your insurance or you are comfortable to pay their self-pay rate. Your therapist can answer any details regarding insurance or financial processes that you are not sure of, but it will take time out of your consult call.

Remember, therapists are not psychics. I am also an intuitive astrologer, but that’s not in the standard job description for a therapist. You may want to tell them a little about your situation and what you are looking to work on in therapy. From there, the therapist can tell you about their approach or “gut-instinct” on how to tackle a particular mental health issue. Remember, the therapist still doesn’t know you or your whole situation, so take their response as a broad assessment of the therapist’s treatment approach.

It’s good to ask questions of anything you’re nervous about. Therapists want to make sure you are content with your decision to work with them, because you will be working very closely with them every week or every two weeks.

If at the end of the consultation call, you decide the therapist is not a good fit for you, you are able to let them know that you are looking for something else in your treatment or even end the call by saying you’ll consider what they have said and need to think on the details.

You are always able to change your mind about going to therapy even if you have already started. But that being said, you don’t know if therapy will be good for you unless you try. So, I encourage you to give it a try. It may change your life.

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