How will my sharing personal details of my life to a stranger solve anything? How does this even work?

Therapy is a deep-dive exploration into what creates negative patterns in your cognitive and emotional process, which frequently manifest into negative automatic actions. To stop such a cycle in its tracks, we have to go to the root of the problem. I feel like these days, we always want to find the hacks and shortcuts. However, with something as important as your mental and emotional state, we want to make sure you are solidly healthy and able to go achieve your dreams.

For many people identifying as BIPOC or as ethnic minorities, they don’t get told that they should be taking care of themselves or even investing time or money into themselves. I strongly believe that we can only help others if we are strong ourselves. In our current world of racial inequity, people of color have it hard right now. I don’t get daunted, I see this as a challenge that people of color are capable of dealing with and overcoming. However, we have to prioritize ourselves as human beings if we want others to do the same. We have to model that behavior.

Therapy isn’t like going to most doctors. Likely, you’re going to therapy every week or at least every two weeks. I’m not going to hand you medicine that will magically fix your problem. We are working together closely to shift your mindset so you can fix your own problems. Therapy requires you to actively hold yourself accountable to becoming the person YOU want to be. I provide the guidance to help YOUR vision.

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