Everyone has the ability to impact the world in a positive manner, but we’re not all going to contribute in the same ways. We are born in a multitude of different identities, cultures, and bodies. We have strengths and we have weaknesses. The goal is to find the way in which you can uniquely shine and create a positive impact for others.

I’ve pondered this question many times: Why was I born into the body of a Taiwanese American girl?

Have you asked yourself a similar question? Why was I born into the body of [insert cultural, gender, or physical identifier]? I phrase this query in a specific way. I don’t mention our souls. Our souls do not belong to a particular race or creed. Our souls are worthy of all the growth and potential to be had when we enter into our human bodies. With that perspective, racism and sexism hold no ground because we are not our races or our cultures. We are not our faces or our bodies. Every soul deserves to have equal treatment and respect.

Yet, we are born into different bodies. Our bodies are subject to a system of castes and hierarchies and perceived worth. We live in an unfair and imperfect world. While we all must play host to some type of injustice in our lives, we each hold great strength and power in the ways we can impact others and the society around us.

I believe the differences we are born into provide us with unique ways for us to touch humanity in a manner that others cannot. As a Taiwanese American therapist, I realize I can now speak to, heal, and inspire other Taiwanese, Asian American, or people of color that may have needed what I have to specifically offer. I didn’t know that before. Before we step into our strength, our difference can feel like painful deficits. I encourage you to believe in yourself and trust that the attributes you were born with are a grand part of your contribution.

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