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With Astrological Counseling sessions, we will explore your astrology charts as the basis for the themes and trajectory of your life and leverage the wisdom in the chart to orient yourself to optimize self-growth. Philosophies and concepts from Eastern spiritual traditions such as Taoism and Buddhism will be incorporated where it is relevant.

Astrological Counseling will help you to

I practice Western astrology using Whole Sign Houses, outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), and female asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno). I have been reading charts for four years and bring my experience as a marriage and family therapist to sessions, helping you to directly apply the concepts in your astrology chart to your life.


•A birth chart reading provides comprehensive analysis on your personality, themes of challenge and opportunity, as well as key indicators of how to move towards your purpose.

• A Solar return is when the Sun returns to its exact position in the sky as when you were born. A Solar return offers insight to planning for the year ahead, like a birthday reading.

• This option is for people who have moved away significantly (ie: live in a different time zone) from where they were born. The relocation chart depicts the focus of energies that you will face in your relocated home. This option is also great for people who anticipate moving and want to a head start on optimizing self-growth as the life themes you will encounter will also change due to the move.

• A follow up service to understand planetary trends in the present moment and how to leverage them for your optimal growth.

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What to Expect: Click the “Book Appointment” button to book the appointment and pay in advance. Astrology charts require time for me to analyze and prepare for our session. In “Appointment Notes”, please include your birth information (birth time, birth date, birth place) and any questions or topics you would like to be a focus in the session. You will receive a Google Meet confirmation email with the appointment time. Our astrological counseling session is collaborative and while I have a lot to share with you regarding the wealth of information packed in your chart, I greatly welcome your input on what you would like to focus on and glean from our session.

Disclaimer: Astrological counseling is not a medical service nor does it offer medical advice. Astrological counseling utilizes spiritual and metaphysical concepts and is not considered psychotherapy. The Board of Counselors does not oversee Astrological counseling services.

Refund Policy: A full refund is provided if a cancellation request is made within 48 hours of the initial appointment request. A 50% refund is provided for cancellations made before a week of the appointment. This is due to the time already spent completing chart analysis in preparation for the session.

Christina is an excellent therapist who listens without judgment and truly takes the time to understand you and your needs. With her astrological counseling service, she walked me through my birth chart in a clear yet thorough manner that offered a fresh new perspective on who I was as a person. Even though the explanations are easy to follow, she puts in the effort to interpret every aspect of your chart and to provide insight on how you can work with them to better yourself. Whether you are seeking a guide to help navigate through a rough time or if you're just looking to improve your self-awareness, I can't recommend her highly enough!" -Nico L.


Do I really need to give my birth time?

The birth time is needed for the most accurate natal astrology chart. Without it, I will not be able to give an accurate chart interpretation.

Will you predict my future?

I will address personality and psychological aspects of your charts and offer guidance on how to best work with your planetary configurations. I believe that we all have free will, and that astrology is one of the best tools to align our actions with our greater purpose. I will give interpretation on the astrological energies that you can expect to encounter, but will not predict specific events.

What if I have a bad chart?

My philosophy is that there are no bad charts. Charts may create challenges that are catalysts for self-growth. There is much to be gained spiritually and psychologically if a chart has challenging configurations. Everyone has some lesson to work in this lifetime, which will be represented in their chart.

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